new light on old sites

Day 1 and 2

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We’ve had an exciting and busy first few days on site! On Saturday, we were hit by some very lively thunderstorms, but we managed to get our grid points out. This involves making marking corners for 30 meter squares in our fields. We had hoped that we would have been able to do this with a GPS, but we encountered some technical difficulties and had to do it by hand using some very long tape measures. By the afternoon we were sweltering in the humidity, but we got enough grid points laid out that we could get started with our survey today.

On Sunday, we had sunshine all day…and the sunburns to prove it (despite repeated applications of sun block)! One of our teams worked in Field A, while the other worked in Field B. We had hoped to work in Field C, but due to a local marathon and the farmers moving hay bails (not connected activities), we are going to delay it until Monday or Tuesday. The area surveyed in Field A contained a visible earthwork in a human-made(?) valley, and we were hoping to find out more about it. Field B contained the edges of the excavations from the 1920s, including part of a ditch and three known pits. There are two Bronze Age barrows, but one had a much later Anglo-Saxon bed burial dug into it. We are eagerly waiting to find out the results of our survey!

we will post pictures and maps soon!


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