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Day 3 ~ a little bit late…

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Well, due to technical difficulties with our wifi access we weren’t able to keep our blog as updated as we had hoped. So, over the next few days I’m going to be compiling what had happened over the week of fieldwork.

Our Day 3 blog:

A slightly breezy day, matching the personalities on the site. So a day of steady progress, but what do we actually do?

A typical day for us at Swallowcliffe Down

We’re usually on site by 9am, all bright and raring to go, powered by coffee and Sugar Puffs. Our first job is to set up the kit that we use. We are using some geophysical (or ‘Geophys’ for those who are fluent in Time Team speak!) equipment called a Fluxgate Gradiometer. We were asked if this is ‘science fiction’ equipment – it is science, but not fiction and allows us to see what is beneath the ground!

Each day we need to set the equipment up to make it suitable for the field that we are working in. Once the necessary set up procedures have been followed we can walk along a grid pattern, and as we walk the gradiometer takes readings, which it stores, allowing us to then download it to a PC and interpret.

Today was a really productive day, resulting in some clear data that we will investigate more thoroughly with data collected throughout the week to build a picture of what is on Swallowcliffe Down – at the moment we have a series of blobs, which have the potential to reveal something rather interesting. We were excited to move into the third field in our research (Field C) and will continue with that as well as Field B tomorrow.


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